Any kind of trauma that leads to bony injury will require immediate care. Our team at Chennai Ortho, led by Dr. S. Arumugam is a highly skilled & efficient trauma unit too. They handle all kinds of polytrauma where patient ends up with fracturing multiple long bones and in critical state with the utmost care & efficiency.

These patients are stabilized hemodynamically and the fractures are addressed once the patient is out of the critical stages. Complex intra-articular as well as pelvic and acetabular fractures are reduced to perfection and fixed using the best of implants.

Usual single long bone fractures are routinely operated by the team. The plastic surgeon in the team takes care of all  reconstructive surgeries of the hand & foot.  Plastic surgeon also comes into play to handle compound fractures wherein flaps or skin grafting is required.

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Know More About Trauma Surgery

What is Trauma Surgery?

Surgical treatment of fracture or dislocation of bones, tendon muscle or ligamental tear. 

Trauma can be low energy fractures (often seen in elderly patients) wherein only a single bone is involved or multiple injuries caused by accidents wherein many long bones are involved. Bones and joint infection will require surgical treatment

What are the Common Procedures?

Small bone fractures

Usually fixed with K-wire, screw or plaster.

Tendon tear

Tendon tear is usually opened and sutured.

If it is around the shoulder joint it is done by arthroscope or it is repaired arthroscopically.

Long bone fractures

  • Undisplaced fractures:

Undisplaced fractures are mostly treated by plaster cast conservatively.

  • Compound fractures:

These are usually fixed with external fixator or internal fixation depending upon the severity of the injury.

  • Displaced fractures:

Displaced long bone fractures are usually treated surgically with plate & screws or intramedullary nail & screws.

Trauma Conditions