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We at Chennai Ortho, are striving hard to create awareness on arthritis. As part of this initiative, we have come up with a small Challenge series.
The Movement is Life Challenge series which will be conducted every month for the next twelve consecutive months, is designed specially for the elderly or senior citizens age 50 and above.
There will be monthly targets and goals set for 10 days. These challenges will help you fight arthritis and at the same time help you stay fit and healthy.
We motivate you to #Stayfit #Stayhealthy and be #Independent also we encourage you to be #selfmotivated always.
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Sign up for the challenge by filling the form in the given link

Download any tracker app

Use any app which is compatible with your mobile device

Walk towards your target

Take the required number of steps to attain your target

Share your screenshots

Send in the screenshots to the given WhatsApp number


“As you grow older, if you don’t have the motivation, you won’t move”

Join us in the cause to create a difference and stay fit. Sign up and get going as we all know


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Register with us, download the tracker app and share your milestones through WhatsApp

Create Awareness

You can create awareness on staying fit by being a part of this initiative


You will be awarded with an e-certificate on completing the challenge